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Refund tickets


Refunds are made in the same way as the payment was made (in cash if paid in cash at the checkout or to a bank account if paid by credit card at the checkout or on the website).

In cases of replacement, cancellation or postponement of the match, the cost of the returned tickets is fully refunded to the buyer (100%).

Tickets are accepted for return in the following terms:

- from the moment of the official notification of the postponement of the match until the start of the match;

Refunding an Electronic Ticket:

The client can issue a refund of an electronic ticket by means of a written request to the email address support@bileton.ru. An electronic version of the following document must be attached to the letter:

1. Scanned copy or photo of the application for a refund, filled out by the owner of the bank card from which the payment was made;

A refund on an e-ticket is made by transferring funds to the bank card from which the payment was made, within 10 (ten) banking days from the date of submission of the specified application.


After sending you will be notified by a reply letter about the acceptance of the application for a refund.


Ticket Refund (BSO):

The client can issue a ticket refund (BSO - strict reporting form issued at the box office) by contacting the box office where the ticket was purchased.

To register a return at the checkout, the client must have the following documents with him:

1. Identity document;

2. Original Ticket (BSO).